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The Three Cards

An epic fantasy series spanning seven novels and sixteen years, where forgotten magic is re-emerging on a turbulent, wartorn continent. 

Book 1: The Shorthand Prince.

King Sultes Fahrenne finally has a son but the day is a wretched one. His queen will not wake and the child is marked for death. Sultes will find he must choose to stand by his child or satisfy the traditions of his subjects. But is there another way?

Book 2: The Last King Incarnate.

War is coming to the castle city of Asimmeny as the throne is contested. Power and revenge fuel those that threaten the kingdom's stability; motives blind to consequence.

Book 3: The Lost Armoury

Reliant upon anonymity, those that fled the the war-ravaged Fahrennic Kingdom grow tired of hiding. Fifteen years on, they crave the strength to take back what was theirs. Desperate, they seek out the Lost Armoury, a treasure that may not even exist. Legend tells that in the Lost Armoury lies one weapon more powerful than any ever wielded.

Book 4: The Great Scribe.

The Warblade Emperor has become bored with his collection of kingdoms and welcomes news that a rebellion is growing stronger in a distant land. In order to tip the balance of the impending war, the cleverest men in Asimmeny experiment with dangerous magic as they strive to create the perfect champion.

Book 5: The Scholar Quest. 

Fear forges the brave. Words designed to galvanise the resolve of Witter, an abandoned orphan whose guardian ghost has given him the secret to topple an empire. The ghost's clue will take him in the footsteps of his late master, the great scribe, but Witter has greatness of his own to offer.

The fifth book in the series runs alongside book six.

Book 6: The Card Collector. 

Errantes is driven to challenge the new emperor. He knows that, with the help of a long forgotten spell, he can be the one powerful enough to finally end the poisonous dynasty. As his methods grow darker, so too his choice of allies. In his case, power will not corrupt, but enable one of the most dangerous men in the history of Nevalie.

The sixth book in the series runs alongside book five.

Book 7: The Immortal Queen. 

The most powerful forces in the new era of magic are now in play, against a backdrop of immeasurable peril never before witnessed. Weary from the Hornwood battlefield, royal and imperial forces regroup, readying for a second clash, which both commanders expect shall be decisive. However, it will be warriors in their ranks that make the most difference.

Far away on the dangerous Black Isle, the third Blessing is uncovered near to the increasingly unstable Seiessa's brewing tragedy, with destructive consequences.

And across the channel, a powerful spell affects the Immortal Queen, and all within the failing city of Asimmenny, finally bringing an epic journey to its climax.

A Ceiren Odyssey

The King with no Kingdom is a fantasy novel and the first book of A Ceiren Odyssey. Currently unavailable.

The Forevers

Project planned to commence 2014, with the first novel Stone of the Forevers scheduled for release 2016.

New Tricks for the Mind

Project scheduled for release 2015.

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